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Specializing in Advanced Medical Skin Care

Pre and Post Operative Care | State of the Art Technology

We take pride in improving all your skin care needs and, ultimately, your well-being. Skin care treatments are not an extravagance, they’re a necessity. In this super stressed world, it is important to take time for yourself.


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Amaris Centofanti

Amaris Centofanti

Amaris is a qualified licensed paramedical esthetician and international educator specializing in the innovative techniques of microdermabrasion, custom blended chemical peels, micro-needling, and progressive facial therapy... More

Genevieve Centofanti

Genevieve Centofanti

Genevieve Centofanti is a dedicated and avid Skin Care and Make-up artistry professional who is eager to share her expertise with her clients. Genevieve graduated with her license in cosmetology and aesthetics at Loraine’s Academy in Saint... More

Our Products

Hand-Picked, State-of-the-Art Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Using our knowlegde and experience, we have selected only the highest quality products to get you started with the proper skin care regimen.

Our Testimonials

What People Say

Marcella Eckerle

I have been coming to Amaris and Gennie for years. They are the best of the best. I can only say amazing things about them. They listen to your needs and the results are clearly amazing. They cater to each client’s individual requirements and desires. Aging is slowed and beautiful skin is the outcome, because of their knowledge and expertise. They are constantly bringing in new innovations for skin care health and anti-aging (this includes products, devices, treatments, etc). My skin is smooth, firm, glowing, and clear because of their treatments and home-care guidance/education. I trust in them fully and recommend them to anyone who wants to change their skin! (The entire staff is experienced also).

Nikeisha Joseph

Amaris is amazing! She changed my face complexion for life and I’ll never go back. I hardly ever breakout anymore and my facial complexion is so even. I would recommend Amaris if ever have any doubt about improving your complexion. Leaves me feeling and looking young!!

Sarah Wood

Can not say enough and Amaris and Genevieve! I have been seeing both for years, my skin has completely changed under them. Also feel that it has kept my aging skin youthful, which wards off the use of injectables. I have referred countless people to them and will continue to do so. Aging is not for the weak, but with their help, I feel it can be done with healthy and youthful-looking skin. I have NEVER had any doubts about their advice, treatment, knowledge, or products. They are truly the BEST!

Samantha Taylor

Would highly recommend! Amazing customer service, fantastic products, and extremely talented with their work! I always feel like a million bucks after my facial. Thank you Amaris’ Aesthetics!

Becky Jaz

Farah Driver is excellent! She has transformed my skin. I am so glad I started facials as a part of my self care. She knows exactly what to use on my skin type. The products she recommends I use at home work perfectly. After I visit Farah I truly feel revitalized. She does such a great job and she is so gentle. ALSO, she does the best eyebrows I've ever had!!! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself. You're worth it! Go see Farrah!

heather cronmiller

Farrah did an excellent job! I’ve had multiple appointments with her, with different procedures. She is friendly, professional, skillful and has great communication skills. I’ve asked her multiple questions about my skin type, She was 100% correct on everything and very knowledgeable on the products that That would be compatible with my skin type!! I love her work!! I always see a change in my skin! I highly recommend Farrah & the Salon for all your skin needs!!! Great products as well!!!

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Amaris' Aesthetics
We moved to DayGlo Med-Spa
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Tel: (727) 647-7659