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    Dermawave Therapy3 Reasons to Consider Dermawave Therapy

    If you have scars, wrinkles, or other imperfections on your skin, you have probably been searching for a simple, non-surgical solution for years. Some treatments may be able to hide wrinkles temporarily or make scars a bit easier to conceal, but Dermawave Therapy actually triggers deep healing in the skin.

    Dermawave Therapy Tackles the Most Common Skin Imperfections

    Dermawave Therapy is an ultrasonic skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a medical grade device to deliver micro-pulses of energy deep into your skin tissue. As soon as those micro-pulses reach their targeted destinations, they quickly stimulate blood flow and collagen production.

    Since most skin damage is a result of diminished collagen production and poor blood flow, Dermawave effortlessly stimulates healing and minimizes the appearance of many types of damage:

    • Raised and depressed scars
    • Wrinkles and lines
    • Remnants of acne scars

    Dermawave Is Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

    You don’t need a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of your skin! In fact, Dermawave is actually the perfect non-invasive solution for pre- and post-operative care. This simple treatment can be used as a preventative measure to minimize the skin trauma caused by most common surgeries. It can also be used after surgery to reduce scars or other signs of damage before they fully develop.

    Of course, Dermawave can also improve the appearance of wrinkles and scars that have persisted for years. Whatever imperfections you want to finally eliminate, Dermawave can make it happen.

    Dermawave Delivers Lasting Results

    If you’re going to commit to a cosmetic procedure, you want the results to last! At Amaris Aesthetics in St. Petersburg, Florida, skincare expert and licensed paramedical esthetician Amaris Centofanti provides superior Dermawave Therapy treatments to help her patients look and feel their very best.

    To schedule your series of DermaWave treatments today, contact Amaris Aesthetics at (727) 647-7659 today.

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