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    Diamond Glow Facial If I Have Oily Skin Should I Get a Diamond Glow Facial?

    If you have oily skin, it can be tricky to know whether certain cosmetic treatments will be helpful or harmful to your complexion. With advanced treatments like the Diamond Glow Facial emerging, you may be wondering which options will best suit your skin type. 

    As an exciting aesthetic treatment option, the Diamond Glow Facial can provide numerous benefits to people of all skin types, including oily skin. Let’s learn more about this specialized facial and what you can expect during the treatment process. 

    What Is the Diamond Glow Facial?

    It isn’t just a facial. It also uses exfoliation, vacuum technology, and professional-grade serums to enhance the health of the skin. While this facial may not feel as soothing as other facials available at our office, it can significantly improve both the look and feel of your skin. 

    During the Diamond Glow Facial, a dermal infusion device is used to deliver multiple aesthetic treatments to the skin at once. Similar in size to a pen, the device uses a diamond plate, low-pressure vacuum, and serum chamber. The diamond plate provides gentle exfoliation to dislodge oil and impurities from the skin. Then, the vacuum quickly removes the oil and impurities from the face. The custom-designed serums are then applied to the skin to target your cosmetic concerns. 

    The Diamond Glow Facial for Oily Skin

    Completed in just 20 to 30 minutes, the Diamond Glow Facial is an excellent treatment option for people struggling with oily skin. Excess oil on the skin can lead to breakouts and a shiny appearance. By ridding the skin of excess oil, along with debris and impurities, the Facial can reduce your risk of a breakout due to oily skin. Additionally, since the serums used in this facial are carefully selected for your needs, your serum will be targeted specifically at oily skin. 

    If you’re interested in the Diamond Glow Facial for any skin type, contact Amaris’ Aesthetics today for more information.

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