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No makeover is complete without beautiful eyelashes. You might not be the makeup type and prefer a natural look, or probably you don’t just know how to do your makeover yourself. Rest assured; you can still have that dazzling look without much effort with a secret I’ll share with you.

Have you ever seen those movies where the main actress wakes up but still looks amazing without effort? Yes, that’s  Hybrid eyelash extensions in action. As you are well aware, when you look good, you feel good.  With hybrid eyelash extensions, you don’t even need make-up.  They give you that gorgeously enhanced natural look. You may be familiar with normal lashes or probably tried classic or volume eyelash extensions, but kid you not, Hybrid is a mixture of both, giving you that perfect blend in volume and length.

Compared to the others, hybrid eyelash extensions enhance your eye color and promote a youthful look that can’t be ignored, so watch as compliments come in all directions with a single try. If you are interested in learning more about this product, you are in luck. Learn about hybrid eyelash extensions and where you can get it done with top-notch services right here.

Hybrid eyelash extensions 101

You might be familiar with mascaras, using the product to thicken, darken, and lengthen your eyelashes. Mascara does work but should not be used every day because it can damage your natural lashes. Meanwhile, an eyelash extension will provide a more voluminous look and can last way longer than mascara, up to 6 or 8 months, depending on your lash cycle. For those unfamiliar with eyelash extensions, read on to learn more..

What are eyelash extensions?

If you have sparse lashes and need a more defined look, eyelash extensions can come to the rescue. They are dipped into a lash adhesive and attached to each strand of your natural lashes.

Eyelashes grow and shed off, then grow again; this is called the lash cycle, and since eyelash extensions are attached to them, they fall when your lashes are shed. You can get touch-ups for that, and you should also know that Lash extensions last for about eight weeks if properly maintained.

You could get them in any color, shape, and style you want, but you will need a professional to help you pick the right extensions that suit you, so try Amaris Aesthetics for the best service.

Styles of eyelash extensions

Depending on what you want, eyelash extensions can come in different thicknesses and lengths. Want to hear about them?  Keep on reading.

Classic eyelash extensions

Suppose you are looking for a not too elegant look, but just a little lash length to improve your natural beauty.  Classic eyelash extensions will do the trick. It’s simple and natural looking, providing thin and longer lashes.

Volume eyelash extensions

If you want a dramatic look, name it; thickness, fullness, and extravagance volume lash extensions are for you.

Hybrid eyelash extensions

The eyelash extension is the combination of both classic and volume eyelash extensions, giving you fullness, length, thickness, and a natural look. It’s the best of both worlds as they are semi-permanent lash fibers lasting as long as your lash cycle.

Are hybrid eyelash extensions worth it?

Yes, hybrid eyelash extensions are worth every penny. With a perfect blend of classic and volume eyelash extensions, you can do a lot. Due to the medium volume, the hybrid lasts longer than the classic eliminating the unnatural look of Volume eyelash extensions.

Plus, If you have sparse or short lashes, hybrid eyelash extensions will go a long way in filling those gaps. In conclusion, it offers a variety of textures and volume that enables you to get that attractive look that turns heads.

What are my dos and don’ts?

Eyelashes help protect your eye from sunlight, dirt, dust, or a foreign body, but you need to return the favor. Eyelashes and eyelash extensions require maintenance to last and stay healthy.

After getting a hybrid eyelash extension done, you might need to hold back from touching, rubbing, washing, or resting on your face for about two days at most. You will need the adhesive to dry so it won’t fall off. The procedure takes about an hour or two to put everything in place, but you would need to give it time to dry.

If you properly maintain your lashes, they will last for about eight weeks, your eyes or eyelids won’t suffer from infections, and your natural eyelashes will follow their natural cycle without problems. After two days, you can choose to clean your lash extensions as often as you want to clean accumulated dirt or dust and also brush your lash extensions often to avoid tangling.

Avoid applying mascara to your lash extensions because it can stick your lashes together and loosen the adhesive that bonds your natural eyelash to the extension. Here is the tricky one.  Protect your lashes from being crushed when you sleep by sleeping on your back or side if you must turn.

Complications you should look out for

Here are some of the complications you might experience if your lash extensions aren’t done by a professional, certified cosmetologist, or aesthetician in a clean and safe environment. You may experience swelling at your eyelid, an allergic reaction to the lash adhesive, stinging and burning, causing bloodshot eyes and itching.

All these can be easily rectified by choosing the right people to help you get the lash extensions done.

Where can I get hybrid eyelash extensions done?

You can get your Hybrid Eyelash Extensions at Amaris Aesthetics at an affordable price.  All you need to do is to book an appointment.

With the experienced professionals at Amaris Aesthetics, you will have a complete explanation of the eyelash extensions, and they will help you pick the one that suits you. You are free to ask questions and make suggestions about your preference, choosing your length, style, curl, and thickness. So you can say goodbye to the stress of mascara and say hello to an effortless, dazzling look.

The experienced professional will cleanse your eyes and tape your lower lashes to your skin with skin tape or gels. Then with a tweezer, an artificial lash will be dipped into the lash adhesive, and each will be attached to your natural eyelashes.   This process will be repeated for the entire lid of both eyes. Rest assured, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure, you might get a little nervous about having a tweezer so close to your eyes, but that’s most of the discomfort you might have.

If you need infills for fallen lash extensions, you can always get them done at Amaris Aesthetics. Also, note that you will need to properly maintain your lashes if you want them to last longer.


Keep your lash line looking amazing with hybrid eyelash extension.  Give yourself that enhanced natural beauty without needing beauty products. Opt for a hybrid for the best lash extensions to look amazingly effortless. Book an appointment with Amaris Aesthetics for a dazzling look.

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