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    Juvederm Voluma

    Juvederm Voluma

    Juvederm Voluma is a filler that is injected into a person’s cheeks to restore any volume that has been lost from aging. Juvederm Voluma has a thick, jelly-like consistency that allows it to stay in place and maximize volume. Its thicker consistency makes it a good choice for deep injections.  

    How Does the Procedure Work?

    During a Juvederm Voluma procedure, your treatment provider will inject the filler into your target area. The treatment requires an artistic approach to maximize the final aesthetic outcome.

    Simple injections take 15 to 20 minutes, but the length of your treatment can vary based on your specific aesthetic goals.

    Are The Shots Painful?

    Most patients suffer minimal discomfort during a Juvederm Voluma treatment. However, topical numbing creams can be applied to the target area before treatment to reduce any possible pain.

    What Is the Recovery Time?

    Juvederm Voluma results can often be seen immediately. Patients can generally return to work or normal daily activities immediately after their treatment. 

    In some cases, mild bruising or swelling may develop in the days following your procedure. Be sure to discuss possible side effects with your treatment provider and plan your schedule accordingly.

    Treatment Recommendations

    Our team recommends that patients do not take certain medications before a procedure. These include:

    • Aspirin
    • Blood thinners
    • Fish oil capsules

    These types of medications can lead to bruising after a procedure. Speak with your provider for a full list of treatment recommendations.

    How Long Does It Last?

    A Juvederm Voluma procedure can have results that last up to two years. Your personal results will depend on your health, weight, and body chemistry. After two years, patients may still see results but may begin to notice that the concentration of the hyaluronic acid filler has declined over time.

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