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    When you come into our office for a facial or other skin treatment, it can be very beneficial to add the Jet Peel to your planned services. A Jet Peel is a different kind of peel that uses a directed stream of oxygen to peel away the upper layer of skin and debris. Here are just some of the benefits.

    Serums Absorb Better

    If you are getting a facial or skin treatment that involves applying serums to the skin, the Jet Peel can help make them more effective. By getting the Jet Peel first, the serums are better able to absorb into the deeper layers of skin so that you get the most benefit.

    Clear Up Acne

    The Jet Peel is a great way to clear up acne. When paired with our Zo Acne Facial, these treatments can help completely eliminate your acne. Although the effects are not permanent, you will notice a dramatic reduction in acne for some time. You can always repeat the treatments for lasting results.

    Rejuvenate Skin

    While we have several skin treatments that can help make your skin look fresher, younger, and firmer, the Jet Peel does so much more for you. The Jet Peel can actually tighten your skin. It can also diminish fine lines and wrinkles and remove some of the other signs of aging and sun damage. 

    If you are interested in trying the Jet Peel at your next appointment, contact us today for more information or to schedule.

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