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    SilaGen Scar Therapy 101: Big Things to Know About SilaGen Scar Therapy

    Scars have always been a necessary evil of plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Whether you have a scar on your face, chest, or body, you know how uncomfortable and embarrassed a large and obvious scar makes you feel. Thanks to SilaGen Scar Refinement System, you can finally make your scars disappear.

    SilaGen is the first and only comprehensive, physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar therapies for post-op and post-later scar prevention.

    How Does SilaGen Work?

    It works by targeting the excessive trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) that scar tissue exhibits as long as one year after the scar develops. Such excessive water evaporation stimulates the activation of fibroblasts to synthesize collagen. Normally, the accelerated production of collagen is beneficial to the skin, but left unchecked it can cause abnormal tissue scarring.

    By applying medical grade silicones over the scar, it is able to down-regulate the stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen. This prevents the formation of hypertrophic scarring and gives the skin a chance to heal normally.

    How to Use SilaGen

    It is offered in three different forms. The first is a medical grade silicone grade with zinc oxide to offer SPF 30 protection. This is important because it helps prevent UV-induced scar hyperpigmentation. Since it’s non-comedogenic and non-irritating, this  is ideal for exposed areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

    The second type of SilaGen is 100% pure medical grade silicone gel with gaster drying and a soft, silky feel. The third type isn’t a gel at all; it is available in 12 shapes and sizes of silicone gel sheeting. These sheets are clear or beige on the back and flexible and durable enough to be washed and reused up to four weeks.

    Get Scar-Free Skin

    SilaGen is not sold to patients directly, so make sure you contact Amaris’ Aesthetics to purchase the specific Silagen products you need to reduce all signs of your scar. Call (727) 647-7659 to learn more and place your order today.

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