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    Why You Should Consider Dermal Infusion

    There are a lot of great options for making your skin look healthier and more youthful, but few of them have the lasting effects of a dermal infusion. A dermal infusion could give you healthier and younger-looking skin now, while giving your skin the foundations it needs to continue battling the aging process over time. It can even reverse the damage of acne scarring or sun damage.

    Dermal Infusion

    What is a Dermal Infusion?

    It is a treatment that is usually done after a customized facial. The infusion will cause deep skin layers to produce new skin cells. Dirt, bacteria, and other debris that is trapped under the skin is forced out by this new skin cell production. The infusion is also nourishing to the skin. Once the nourishment is enhanced and debris is removed, the living layer of your skin expands, and healthy skin cells are sent to the surface. This can, over time, improve the living layer of the skin in ways that are not possible with other facial treatments.

    The Difference Between Dermal Infusion and Other Treatments

    This is much different than other treatments such as chemical peels, lasers, and retinol creams. Other treatments cause your skin to look better in the short term, but over time you could age even more than you would have normally if you had done nothing. A dermal infusion is the opposite, taking time to improve the appearance of your skin but laying the foundations for good skin for a lifetime.

    If you are considering a facial and treatments for healthier and more youthful skin, contact us today for an appointment. We will combine your facial treatment with a dermal infusion for the best results.

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