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    Why You Should Not Remove Your Own Eyelash Extensions

    During these uncertain times, when salons and businesses are closing everywhere, it might be tempting to remove your own eyelash extensions yourself. This would be a very big mistake that can lead to permanent damage. 

    Remove Your Own Eyelash Extensions

    Your  extensions are attached strand by strand to your actual eyelashes. If you force their removal, you could do permanent damage to your eyelash follicles. It could create bald spots in your lashes that will never recover. You should never attempt to just pull off your eyelash extensions for this reason.

    Your Eyelash Extensions

    There is currently no product on the market available to the general public that will dissolve the glue used for extensions. No matter what you may see online, none of the over-the-counter solutions are actually effective. While they might soften the glue, they will not dissolve it completely, and you will still be risking permanent damage.

    So what do you do when you can’t see your aesthetician to get your extensions maintained? Honestly, there’s not much that you need to do. Because the extensions are connected to your real lashes, they will eventually shed along with your eyelashes. The total cycle for eyelashes is just a few weeks, so your eyelash extensions will naturally fall off within that time frame.

    In the meantime, keep your eyelashes conditioned and healthy so that when your eyelash extensions do shed, you are left with a good strong base for new extensions when salons open back up. You Should Not Remove Your Own Eyelash Extensions

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