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    Tired of the effort and time you put into doing your makeup every time you want to go out for work or maybe a party? It can be very time-consuming and exhausting. You have to put in so much effort to draw your eyebrows, get and set the right foundation, use the right makeup brush, and then the stress of washing it off after use.

    You can’t stop wishing there was a way you could wake up in the morning and not have to do your makeup, step right out while feeling confident and still having the benefits of applying makeup. Well, you can stop wishing because that wish has become a reality. Permanent makeup is here with the solution and power to grant your wishes. You can step out with a flawless makeup look without going through the tiring makeup routine. Let’s learn about a permanent makeover and where you can get one done.

    What is permanent makeup?

    Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo technique done with a pen that creates and gives you the look of makeup in a semi-permanent manner. It is deposited superficially into the skin, giving you a flawless natural look. The unique thing about this semi-permanent technique is the fact that it’s permanent. That’s right; permanent makeup can last for 1-3 years and even, in some cases, ten years.

    Permanent makeup, also referred to as derma pigmentation, micro pigmentation, or cosmetic tattoo, can help you recreate your favorite makeup look and keep them intact. Permanent makeups are very safe, and also a lot of permanent makeup you could get. You could make your lips colorful or give yourself fuller or thinner eyebrows. Whatever makeup goal you want to achieve, with permanent makeup, you can make those goals a reality.

    As seamless as the idea of getting permanent makeup sounds, you should know you will make a permanent decision for your face. It may not be as permanent as getting an actual tattoo, but it could take years for your Permanent Makeup to start fading off, which is why you must have knowledge of what you’re about to do, make sure you’re meeting the right people for the job and be sure it is what you want. These simple guidelines can help you make the right decisions and avoid complications to boost your makeup game properly and leave people wondering how your face always looks refreshed and polished without stress.

    Types Of Permanent Makeup

    There are a series of permanent makeup techniques out there that you could choose from regarding your needs. Permanent makeup covers a range of areas from the face to the body. If you’re thinking of getting fuller brows, then you should consider microblading. Permanent Makeup procedures are mostly pain-free; you may feel a little tingling or pinch when going through the course. Other permanent makeup techniques are microshading, lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, and lots more.


    Microblading is the most permanent makeup treatment today; it involves using a needle to deposit pigment under the skin that gives you hair-like, super thin strokes to give you that perfect eyebrow you’ve always wanted. Microblading is a permanent eye tattoo method that helps provide you with fuller or thinner but natural-looking brows. During the procedure, you may feel your eyebrows getting threaded, which sounds super uncomfortable, but on the contrary, the pain is very mild and manageable.

    That’s because a numbing cream is applied beforehand – it is a special type of cream that can be used on a small area of the skin to make it number before a procedure is accrued out to reduce the amount of pain.

    Microblading can last up to 1-3 years, but you could go for a touch-up after 12 months to prevent the permanent makeup from fading away totally.

    Lip Blushing

    This Permanent Makeup treatment can help enhance the look and shape of your lips. It can make them more colorful, fuller, or both. You could relate it to lip fillers, but lip fillers do not enhance the color of your lips. This method uses needles to deposit pigments in the lip, giving you the right lip color and line. It is regarded as a more intense treatment than other permanent makeup treatments.

    There’s a higher chance of allergies arising, and it can be a very painful procedure since the lips are a very sensitive part of the face; this is why to avoid fewer risks and complications, you should make your appointment with a well-qualified esthetician at Amaris’ Aesthetics. When the procedure is carried out safely and properly, the results can last for two years, giving you the right size and color of lips you want.

    Permanent Eyeliner

    This permanent makeup treatment process is similar to those previously mentioned. It involves depositing pigment into the skin but, of course, does not last forever. This pigment gives you a lash line similar to that which takes you hours to draw but only better. It will require applying a numbing cream, and although it is not permanent, it can still last for 1-3 years.

    The permanent eyeliner enhances your lashes and makes them fuller and more natural. Applying eyeliner can be very tedious, but this treatment helps you save time while giving you the exact look of eyeliner you want with zero stress.

    Risks Associated With Permanent Makeup

    Yes, there are a lot of benefits from getting permanent makeup, but a lot of complications could arise as well when you don’t meet the proper esthetician for the procedure. These complications can include the transmission of infections, the development of an irregular sat tissue called keloids, or problems with reversal where you do not like the results of the treatment, and it can be quite frustrating to reverse the process. These risks are easily avoidable by choosing the right people for the job.


    Permanent Makeup is here to make all our makeup goals a regular part of our reality. It gives you a stress-free and long-lasting natural makeup look. Now you don’t have to start worrying about getting up early so that you can complete your makeup without getting late. Book a permanent makeup appointment with Amaris’ aesthetics and forget the stress of applying makeup while enjoying its benefits.

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